Partner With Us

If you are considering what to do with a raw land holding you own, making a project-specific investment, or hiring a land project manager, think Bordeaux Developments.

Bordeaux works for its partners and investors to add significant value to projects. Land development is a sophisticated business where a deep roster of experts are required deliver an exceptional result.

To add value, Bordeaux Developments ensures:

  • Proper selection and scope of work are matched to each consultant to minimize fees.
  • Financing costs are as low as possible.
  • Competitive bids for servicing are analyzed.
  • Negotiations are successful with municipalities.
  • Environmental agency criteria are resolved early.
  • Higher builder lot prices are achieved.
  • Market Assessment studies are performed.
  • Cooperation, trust, and appropriate cost sharing with owners of adjacent lands are managed and maintained.
  • Strategic Financial Planning.
  • Legal agreements with municipalities, lenders, builders and others to protect the interests of the landowner.

Harmony – Deep Utilities Installation